Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

About a week ago, I was laying in bed with Caleb just before bed, chatting about his day.  I asked him what kind of Valentine cards he wanted me to buy for him to pass out to his friends at school.  I suggested Legos, or Star Wars, or Batman, all of which were greeted with silence.  Then, in a voice that revealed he'd given the matter some deep thought and reached a non-negotiable decision, Caleb said: "I want to make my valentines.  I don't want to buy them at a store.  I want to put stickers on them and write a note to each of my friends."  I inwardly groaned.  But, not wanting to discourage his giving heart, I ordered some very basic supplies and we went to work.  With 20 pieces of card stock & envelopes, my Creative Memories software, a Lego sticker book, a roll of heart stickers, some M&M fun packs, and a lot of time, we created personalized Valentine's for each of Caleb's friends.  It is very sweet how much he loves each of his classmates, and the little notes he dictated really gave me some insight to his relationships with each one.  So the project was almost worth the devotion of every single second that Caleb and I had together for three days :).  And when I factor in his huge smile when I dropped him off at school yesterday, then it was totally worth it.


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