Friday, June 2, 2006

Random Thoughts

Caleb is such a happy little boy! He spends about half of his awake time with a huge toothless grin on his face (and he's nursing almost all the the rest of the time.) He outgrew all of his 0-3 month clothes several weeks ago, and he's even outgrown a few 3-6 month outfits. His torso is so long that he really needs 6-9 month size in one-piece outfits, though 6-9 month pants are way too long on him. I am definitely not being as self-controlled as a I should when I shop for Caleb, but at least I no longer have any desire to buy myself clothes, so the costs offset each other :) This is my last day of work, and Marcus and I and Caleb are going to Melbourne, FL for a wedding this weekend. I'm a little nervous about our first road trip, because sometimes Caleb wails in the car seat, and I couldn't bear listening to him cry for hours. We're timing the 3-hour drive during his afternoon nap, which usually lasts about two and half hours, so hopefully that will work out well. I won't be surprised at all if he even extends his nap to last the whole trip. He is generally a very accomodating little guy. I've been amazed over and over again by how he manages to fall asleep at all the appropriate times, even if its not a normal sleeping time. Every time we eat out, he manages to sleep through the part where we eating. I've taken him to prayer group several times (where babies are technically not allowed), and he's slept through the whole hour, waking up just when we finish. We even went to see XMen III in the theater and he slept through the entire movie! If only he would start sleeping through the night, I think he really would be the easiest baby ever :)