Monday, July 17, 2006

What a joy!

Caleb is such a delight! He will be 4-months-old on Sunday, and he's already sitting on his own! He LOVES reading, and is using his hands more and more every day. He picks up everything he can reach and puts it in his mouth, even if it is another child's hand! LOL He is still a little charmer, flirting with and captivating every one he sees, especially females :) He's laughing out loud now, and is very ticklish in the ribs. He still loves TV, and we occasionally let him watch a Baby Einstein video while we eat dinner. Probably one of the most remarkable things about him is how much he loves letters, even at this age. The alphabet song is his favorite song, and he is much more fascinated with the words on each page of a book than he is with the pictures. I need to get him some wooden alphabet letters. I've started doing baby signing with him, though I don't expect him to begin signing back to me for several months yet. I'm teaching him the signs for Mommy, Daddy, book, please, thank you, eat, drink, all done, good, ouch, more, sleep, and milk. His temperament is sweet as ever, and he pretty much only cries when he's in his car seat for more than 15-20 minutes and when he wakes up in the night and wants to nurse. Otherwise, he's content or happy. He is just a complete joy to his daddy and I.