Monday, February 11, 2013

Funny Kids

The kids have been full of funny stuff lately.  Here are the stories/conversations that I can remember:

#1  Nanna is here for a visit, and the other day, she and Caleb were playing chess.  Ethan was watching (and contributing his ideas to the game).  At one point, Caleb and Ethan were discussing the possible results of a move that Caleb was considering, when Nanna looked back and forth between the two sides of the board and said, "Wait a second, I'm confused."  Ethan didn't miss a beat.  He broke off from his conversation with Caleb, turned towards Nanna, and said, "That's because you're sixty-one."

#2  Caleb walked up to Nanna and watched her mending one of Ethan's superhero costumes.  He was impressed with her skill and told her that he and Ethan had never seen me sewing.  Caleb didn't give her very long to enjoy her burst of superiority, though.  His very next sentence was, "Maybe she will start sewing when she's old."

#3  This story doesn't really have a punch line, but it is still cute.  Lydia has her very own unique sense of humor.  She frequently cracks herself up with some joke that she initiates.  This week, she is fake-whining for about two seconds, and then cracking up saying "I whined!  I whined!"  The whole sequence is hilarious and even makes Caleb and Ethan laugh.

#4  Nanna, Ethan and I were in the van together.  Ethan was talking about a tooth that he thought was loose.  I told him that he probably didn't have a loose tooth, since he is only four and most kids don't start losing their teeth until they are in 1st grade.  He was quiet for a moment and then said thoughtfully, "But Mommy, I'm not very much like most kids."  Nanna and I burst out laughing, assuring him that he had an excellent point.


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